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Child custody has been an evolving legal matter over the last century, particularly, in the State of Michigan. For instance, the father used to have absolute property rights to the children. Afterwards, the law shifted, and generally considered the mother as the preferred parent. In the modern day, Michigan’s standard of child custody is “best interest of the child.” In other words, one parent cannot receive biological preference as the sole determining factor of custody. As experienced child custody lawyers in Michigan, Kelly & Kelly P.C. understands legal factors involved in determining “the best interest of the child” and other processes involved in Michigan family/divorce court.

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The family law attorneys of Kelly & Kelly P.C have represented clients throughout Michigan for over 30 years. Our law firm has experience in all courts throughout the State and understands the complexities of the legal system. When you hire our firm, you get an entire team of experienced and passionate attorneys working on your case. Therefore, Kelly & Kelly P.C is a strong ally for child custody and family law cases in Michigan.

Parenting Time

In Michigan, there is a presumption that it is in the best interest of the child to have a strong relationship with both parents.  If one parent has sole physical custody of a child in Michigan it is presumed that the other parent will be granted parenting time, which means spending time with the child.  This might mean certain weekends, holidays, certain extended vacations. Courts and parties can get creative in determining parenting time in Michigan.

Parties are free to come to an agreement on their own about parenting time in Michigan cases, which are subject to the court’s review of the “best interest of the child” or a court may determine the parenting time.

Parenting time is modifiable in Michigan by the parties consent or a party filing a motion, and the court making a determination if proper cause has been shown and if there is a change of circumstances, which warrant the modification.

Temporary Order Of Custody

During a family court proceeding such a divorce in Michigan the court may grant a temporary order of custody. This is not the final judgment, but may become a final judgment if the Michigan family court should order the child to remain in the same custodial environment.

One important facet of the temporary order is that it could lead to a custodial environment being established, which would apply the higher standard for the other parent changing the child’s custody situation in Michigan.

Michigan Sole Custody vs Joint Custody

In Michigan sole custody means that one parent has primary physical custody as well as legal custody of the child.  Joint custody in Michigan means that parents could share one or both of physical and legal custody.

Legal custody of a child in Michigan is defined as a parent having the responsibility over major decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, medical treatment, school enrollment, religious instruction and other similar matters.

Decisions are to be made with the parent who has physical custody of the child in Michigan at the time that the decision is made.  This means that the parent without legal custody of a child, may make certain decisions for the child while spending their parenting time.

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