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School Offenses in Michigan

In today’s educational environment, school issues and offenses committed by students can have serious ramifications. Issues that in the past were often swept under the rug or given a slap on the wrist now have the potential to result in juvenile criminal charges or harsh school disciplinary actions. This can lead to students’ educational opportunities being interrupted, halted through suspensions, expulsions or even possible jail time.

It is therefore critically important that those who are accused of school offenses seek expert legal defense as soon as possible in order to protect their current and future educational opportunities. Choosing the right legal team can be the difference between a school issue being a simple bump in the road, or a potentially life altering event.

Common Types of School Offenses

The veteran school offense attorneys at Kelly & Kelly P.C. have decades of combined experience handling a wide variety of juvenile and school related issues. These include but are not limited to the following types of offenses and issues:

School Offense Lawyer

Just because a student is facing a school offense or criminal charge doesn’t mean there has to be a negative outcome. With a competent legal team, students and their parents can often change the outcome of their cases, resulting in either reduced punishment or having the offense or charge dismissed entirely. If you or someone you know has legal questions or needs legal assistance regarding school offenses, expulsions or other school related legal issues, please contact our office to speak with one of our expert school issue attorneys today.