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Kelly & Kelly P.C. is a Michigan based family law firm with over 30 years of experience. Our law firm specializes in several practice areas. You can learn more about each of these individual practice areas below.

Family Law

Filing for Divorce

Child Custody

Two parents sitting on a couch with their daughter in the dad's lap

Contested Divorces

A distressed couple sitting on the same couch looking away from each other

High Conflict Divorce

Young girl looking sad while her parents are in an argument in the background

Unmarried Couples

Family taking a photo outside of their home

High Asset Divorces

Large modern design house with a blue sky

Criminal Defense

Felony Offenses

Someone in handcuffs struggling and resisting arrest

Misdemeanor Charges

Man being placed under arrest with handcuffs being put around his wrist

Juvenile Defense

Woman in her vehicle blowing on a ignition interlock device to test her blood alcohol level.


Attorney standing at his desk with a pen writing in a notebook

Drug Charges

Open prescription drug container spilling unspecified white pills on a counter

Theft Offenses

Man appealing his Driver's license while sitting at a desk in front of a judge pointing to a clipboard

DUI/OWI Defense

OWI Charges

Close up of a breathalyzer showing a 0.08 reading

First DUI Expungements

Woman in her vehicle blowing on a ignition interlock device to test her blood alcohol level.

Felony DUI Charges

Someone in handcuffs struggling and resisting arrest

Underage DUI

Young teens partying for underage DUI

High BAC (Super Drunk)

Person inside of a car opening a bottle of beer

Drugged Driving (OUID)

Man holding several pills while sitting inside of a drivers seat of a car

School Offenses

Sexting & Inappropriate Pictures

Close up on a cell phone showing several messaging apps

School Expulsions

School kid upset sitting on outside steps

School Suspensions

Young woman distraught staring into her laptop

Vaccination Policies

A nurse is preparing the skin for a vaccination shot on a patient

Drug Testing & Charges

Two testing tubes in a lab setting

Bullying and Hazing

Two young men having a scuffle against a wall while a girl is recording with her phone

Other Practice Areas

Northville Law Firm

The offices of Kelly & Kelly P.C. are located in Northville, Michigan. We are dedicated to serving clients within this community as well as the surrounding Metro Detroit areas. We also work with a fair number of out of state clients who have legal issues in Michigan.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the practice areas above, contact us today.