Criminal Law Attorneys in Northville

Kelly and Kelly, P.C are experienced criminal law attorneys in Northville, MI. Our firm has represented clients facing criminal charges in Michigan for over 30 years. During this time, we’ve gained irreplaceable knowledge and experience about the Michigan criminal justice system, courts, and procedures. Additionally, we’ve witnessed many good people in bad situations and believe that not everybody facing charges deserves a life-altering criminal record. At Kelly and Kelly, we specialize in defending people who don’t belong in the criminal justice system.

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Award Winning Northville Criminal Attorney

Attorney Michael B. Kelly is an award winning criminal defense attorney who focuses on issues related to school law, juvenile defense, drunk driving, and more. He was named as the ‘Top 10 Under 40 for Criminal Defense in Michigan’, and rated as a Super Lawyer in 2022.

You can learn more about Mike Kelly’s personal achievements and accolades by visiting his profile page.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

The Northville criminal defense attorneys at Kelly & Kelly P.C. handle a multitude of issues relating to criminal defense. These issues include but are not limited to the following,

Northville Criminal Law Firm Office Location

Kelly and Kelly P.C. is located in downtown Northville on the south side of Northville Rd just east of Griswold St. We have client parking in the back with public parking directly across the street at Ford Field Park for overflow, with a crosswalk for easy access. You can obtain the address and driving directions below.

Kelly & Kelly, P.C.
422 E Main St
Northville, MI 48167
Phone: (248) 348-0496
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The front entrance to the Northville family law firm of Kelly & Kelly P.C. It’s a two story blue Victorian themed building.

Proactive Criminal Defense

Our lawyers put together personalized plans for each of our clients to help them navigate the system and address the situation which led them to being involved in the criminal justice system. We focus on putting the client in the best light when in front of the judge.

Common Criminal Law Cases We Handle

Our Northville criminal attorneys routinely handle the following matters:

  • Drunk Driving Offenses

  • Domestic Violence

  • Theft / Retail Fraud

  • Larceny

  • Destruction of Property

  • Traffic Tickets and Other Traffic Offenses

  • Restoration of a License

  • Assault

  • Minors in Possession of Alcohol (MIP)

  • Police and Arrest Issues

  • Searches and Seizures

  • Controlled Substance Charges

  • Juvenile Cases

Northville Court System (35th District Court)

If you’ve been arrested in the City of Northville or Northville Township, your case will be handled by the 35th District Court in Plymouth, Michigan. The 35th District Court handles serious and specified misdemeanor offenses, initial jurisdiction for arraignment of felony charges and preliminary exams, juvenile justice, and other civil matters. The 35th District Court is located at:

660 Plymouth Rd,
Plymouth, MI 48170
Specific directions here

Judges for Criminal Cases in Northville

The Michigan criminal law attorneys of Kelly and Kelly P.C, have over 30 years experience representing clients in Northville. As a result, our criminal law firm fully understands processes of the local court system; this includes an understanding of the judges. You can read more about judges that hear Northville criminal cases below.

Chief Judge Pro Tem

Michael J. Gerou


Judge Gerou is a very fair and reasonable judge. He is approachable and understanding. He is a huge believer in “second chances” and also serves as the Sobriety Court Judge of the 35th District Court. Judge Gerou created the Teenage Choices and Legal Consequences pamphlet provided to young offenders to encourage them to make better choices.

Free Advice
Judge Gerou is a huge proponent of organized youth sports and community involvement. Don’t be afraid to share with him your role on the high school basketball team, or volunteer work from your community. He likes to see you have positive influences in your life. Demonstrate to him that you’re a good person who simply made a bad mistake.

Chief Judge

James A. Plakas


Judge Plakas is an even-keeled, straight-shooter; he calls it like he sees it. He is fair and just. Don’t bring excuses into his courtroom and be prepared to show that you’re not going to be a continuing liability for the court. Actions speak louder than words.

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Provide Judge Plakas with a solution instead of  an explanation for what you did. “You screwed up, so what’s it going to take for you to learn?” Be convincing.  

District Judge

Ronald W. Lowe


Judge Lowe has a reputation for being a “tough” judge, and he can be; but his contributions to the 35th District Court over the nearly 20 years he’s served as District Judge have been immense. He is an advocate for the public, as reflected in his role in the formation of the Domestic Violence Program, Teen Court, Citizen Surveys, Victim’s Impact Panel, and the community service work-detail program, among others.

Free Advice
“There’s a way to do things, and there’s a way not to do things.”   No one gets dessert before dinner in Judge Lowe’s courtroom. If you want to stay out of jail, or keep your criminal record clean, do the work and earn the reward.