Dear Michele, Thank you so much for your note. Your insight is truly appreciated. You were so important to our case and instrumental in the successful outcome for our daughter and grandchildren. We will all forever be grateful. You are an excellent and caring lawyer.

Dear Ryan, I cannot thank you enough for your steadfast representation and the wisdom and kindness you have shown me as I have weathered this wild ride the past two years. I am SO happy and relieved to have my son safe, thriving and going to school with the neighborhood kids next year! I would highly recommend your services to any parent concerned about their child’s well being. – Andrea

Mike was great defending my son from a marijuana possession charge that looked like was going to be elevated. He successfully negotiated a probationary settlement. Mike also gave my son the facts and counseled him about what is actions would mean for him. He wants to see his young clients fix their lives and helps them get on the right path. He gave my son a second chance. He is young and very smart. Highly recommend!

Dear Ryan, I cannot thank you enough for your steadfast representation and the wisdom and kindness you have shown me as I have weathered this wild ride the past two years. I am SO happy and relieved to have my son safe, thriving and going to school with the neighborhood kids next year! I would highly recommend your services to any parent concerned about their child’s well being. – Andrea

I have been meaning to tell you this, but you and your team have given me peace in my life. The work you have performed on the divorce action and house sale issue has provide me a sense of peace because capable people are properly handling my legal issues. This is your area of professional expertise and I trust you and your firm to guide me through these legal obstacles. I sleep better at night knowing you are representing me. I will definitely recommend your firm to someone who needs your expertise. Thanks again.

During the past 5 years, I have retained Kelly and Kelly PC for several corporate issues and several personal issues. I must say they have restored my faith in attorneys. They are extremely professional and have a flawless record as far as I am concerned. I HIGHLY recommend John, Michele, Ryan & Kelsey plus the entire legal staff at Kelly and Kelly….they have been absolutely fantastic in every facet of the Law…with that special personal touch!!!!!! – Sincerely, L. Stock / President In Stock Marketing Services, LLC

I would invite anyone needing legal advice and consultation to consider using the Kelly and Kelly Law Firm. I have employed their services on more than one occasion, and found them to be insightful, honest, compassionate, well prepared and excellent advocates on my behalf. They have a wonderful balance of youthful energy steered by the experienced wisdom of their senior partners. With this winning combination of youth and wisdom, I highly recommend the Kelly and Kelly Law firm for all your legal matters.” – Mike Ladwig – Owner and President – Northville UPS Store

Mike is an awesome lawyer, he always treated us with respect and kept us informed of what was happening. He was able to see clearly thru the other party and ALL of their witnesses when they were clearly lying and fabricating their testimonies and was able to bring out the facts. Mike was able to successfully get a change in domicile to the state in which I have been living so that I could continue to have all of my children living with me; in which to my understanding is the first time the judge has made such an order. I am happy and so satisfied with the overall outcome of my case. – Jes

Don’t know how or why anybody would enter a courtroom without representation, even in minor cases. Mr Kelly took complete control of our case from beginning to end. He was very assertive and knowledgeable. I’m happy that we used Kelly & Kelly lawyers, and would definitely use Michael in the future. – Samantha, Northville, MI

I hired Kelly & Kelly Attorneys at Law to represent my son (18 1/2 years old at the time of the incident) He was charged with a misdemeanor and a moving violation while traveling as a car passenger in a local highway. The police officer charged my son and the driver with a misdemeanor and both were detained and kept in jail overnight. My son was not allowed to make any calls until the next day when he contacted me and explained the situation.

Kelly & Kelly Law firm reviewed my son’s case and accepted my request to represent my son. Mr. Michael Kelly was assigned to this case. Michael did and prepared a great in depth analysis of the incident which was presented during the Court Appeal Case. He did an outstanding in-depth analysis-review of my son’s police report. Michael was able to identify and detect several inconsistencies in the police report write up.

My son’s case was dismissed by the preceding Judge.No charges or records of misdemeanor were filed!!!

I am extremely thankful to Mr. Kelly for his professional legal representation and high objectivity handling my son’s appeal case.

Yes, I do recommend Mr. Michael Kelly to anyone who is in search or in a need for legal counseling and/or representation.

Mr. Kelly is an amazing attorney, extremely smart, an effective legal counselor and with a great knowledge of the Law. – Mac

Mr. Kelly secured our monumental victory despite facing strong opposition from the prosecutor and caseworker!

Not only did he effectively and expertly navigate thru the many obstacles which existed in our case, he went on to present a defense which was clear, concise, law-based and extremely difficult to refute and/or contest.

Every aspect of Mr. Kelly’s defense was on target and effective, resulting in diversion from adjudication. – Don

Kelly and Kelly law firm is a professional and personable network of attorneys. I was treated like a family member and a client. I would recommend Kelly and Kelly law to anyone going through a divorce or any other legal matters. They are a top notch legal team and I truly appreciate the years of experience this firm has resulting in the positive outcome of my case. Thank you again Michelle, Ryan, Michael and Jonathan.

Mike represented me very well. Even though the opposing counsel was derogatory towards me, made spurious and fraudulent claims, Mike was steadfast. He has kept me abreast of any changes or information promptly, and was always accessible. There were points where the opposing counsel was so infuriating, it was a relief to have someone able to defend and soundly refute the claims and even be able to respond with significant points to weaken their case. This allowed me to be able to relax a bit knowing that Mike was there to back me up.

Mike was also a support through some of the stressful times as incredulous things were found out in regards to treatment my son was enduring. Mike was invested in my case and truly cared about the results. – Chris

Hi Ryan & Mike & also Mom & Dad,
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you want I think of you Guys.  First of all I know we lost in court today but that doesn’t say anything about what I think of the job you did for me. From when we met for the first time in your office to today in count both of you impressed very much and I look forward to getting this process behind me next year. Ryan today in court you were just amazing the way you argued your point and I really think we should have won this today. Mom & Dad, you should be very proud of what kind of Children you have raised they are great people and very good Attorney’s. Once again Ryan & Mike thank you very much for all you did talk to you soon.

Dear Michele, You are Awesome and the most intelligent and efficient counselor – with our gratitude and admiration for your outstanding performance – Thanks again M & L