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The Kelly family of Kelly & Kelly Law, group portrait in a bright office setting. From left to right: John Kelly, Michele Kelly, Mike Kelly, and Ryan Kelly, all dressed in professional attire
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Michigan Family Law Firm

Kelly & Kelly, P.C., opened its offices in 1988 in Northville, Michigan, combining the talents of husband and wife attorneys, John and Michele Kelly. The couple chose Northville to open their office as they were living with and raising their family in town. They chose to focus on helping those in their community with pressing legal needs and founded their firm on the principles of public service and highly personalized attention to their clients.

The firm has grown over the past 30 years and has added two of their children, Ryan Kelly, who heads the family law department and their son, Michael Kelly, who is in charge of the criminal defense department.

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What Our Clients Say

“Dear Michele, Thank you so much for your note. Your insight is truly appreciated. You were so important to our case and instrumental in the successful outcome for our daughter and grandchildren. We will all forever be grateful. You are an excellent and caring lawyer.”

“Dear Ryan, I cannot thank you enough for your steadfast representation and the wisdom and kindness you have shown me as I have weathered this wild ride the past two years. I am SO happy and relieved to have my son safe, thriving and going to school with the neighborhood kids next year! I would highly recommend your services to any parent concerned about their child’s well being.” – Andrea

“Mike was great defending my son from a marijuana possession charge that looked like was going to be elevated. He successfully negotiated a probationary settlement. Mike also gave my son the facts and counseled him about what is actions would mean for him. He wants to see his young clients fix their lives and helps them get on the right path. He gave my son a second chance. He is young and very smart. Highly recommend.”

“I have been meaning to tell you this, but you and your team have given me peace in my life. The work you have performed on the divorce action and house sale issue has provide me a sense of peace because capable people are properly handling my legal issues. This is your area of professional expertise and I trust you and your firm to guide me through these legal obstacles. I sleep better at night knowing you are representing me. I will definitely recommend your firm to someone who needs your expertise. Thanks again.”