Business and Commercial Law Attorneys

A business attorney assists with necessary legalities involved in operation of a legal entity. These legalities consist of a wide range of aspects such as planning a start-up company, purchasing/selling a business, or complex legal disputes over a contract or business partnership.

Regardless of what stage a business is at, having adequate legal representation protects a company against litigation and ensures compliance with various state and federal regulations.

At Kelly & Kelly, P.C. we are available to assist with all aspects of business, commercial and corporate law, from planning a start-up company to handling the legal representation for complicated corporate enterprises. Our knowledge of the tax laws and legal pitfalls can assist you in implementing the best business plan for your circumstances.

Business attorney document on a desk titled 'Partnership Agreement Located in the State of Michigan.' The document is next to a gavel and yellow folder.

Business Law Representative Services

Here is a short list of various aspects related to business law that our firm handles

Business and Commercial Litigation
Real Estate Law
Tax Law
– Contract preparation and review
– Employment Law
– Business Formation
– Organization and Choice of Entity (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Inc.)
– Collections
– Business Purchases and Sales
– Construction Law
– Representation for complex corporate law matters

Our law firm provides consultation on these legal issues as well as representation during disputes or litigation. We have the knowledge and experience to help you make smart decisions that will protect your legal rights and add value to your business. In addition, we can steer you through the maze of tax laws and aggressively represent you in administrative hearings before the IRS or other tax agency. We have years of experience dealing with IRS agents, IRS audit staff, and IRS collection agencies.

If you need assistance with any of these issues or another related aspect, talk to a business attorney at our firm today.

Commercial Law

Commercial law is very similar and has a great deal of overlap with business law. To explain, commercial law deals with legal aspects surrounding the sale/distribution of products as well as the financing of certain commercial transactions.

In short, commercial law is the body of laws that encompass the trade and sale of goods between individuals or businesses.

Conversely, business law primarily focuses on other operational aspects of a business such as legal entity formation, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), contracts, etc.

The lawyers at our firm practice in both business and commercial law and have the legal expertise to provide assistance in each of these realms.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with the sale of a company, business financing, commercial transactions, or have legal issues such as a business dispute or litigation, we can help.

Legal Disputes

During the operation of a business, certain legal disputes may arise. This may involve a dispute over a business partnership, disagreements among shareholders, issues with intellectual property, etc.

When this occurs, it’s necessary to obtain representation from a business attorney, ideally, one who specializes in business and commercial litigation.

Kelly & Kelly P.C. is highly experienced in complex litigation matters. Our firm can represent you or your company through a variety of legal disputes. These legal disputes include:

– Breach of contract
– Shareholder disputes
– Advertising and marketing violations
– Issues with non-compete
– Intellectual property issues
– Shareholder-derivative lawsuits
– Corporate litigation matters (torts, defense against lawsuits, liability)