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Mike Kelly School Law Attorney

Michigan Education Law Attorney

Education lawyers, also known as academic lawyers, handle a wide variety of legal matters involving schools. This may include interpreting laws related to education and administration as well as rendering services based on constitutional and civil rights inside public and private institutions.

Kelly & Kelly P.C. has extensive experience handling legal matters involving elementary schools, high schools, and institutions for higher education. We provide legal counsel for individuals as well as administrative bodies. This includes extensive experience representing students for school related offenses.

What Issues Does an Education Lawyer Handle?

An education law attorney may handle a wide variety of legal matters for either students and/or educational professionals. The education attorneys at Kelly & Kelly P.C. regularly represent students in both private and public schools including colleges and universities…

Advocacy For Students

Advocacy For Educational Professionals

  • Interpreting special education laws
  • Interpreting disability laws
  • Title IX Discrimination Defense
  • Academic integrity investigations
  • Lawsuits involving bullying or hazing
  • Sexual harassment prevention and defense
  • Litigation defense for schools or educational boards
Copy of the Michigan code of professional ethics laying out education laws and standards for school staff

What is Education Law?

Education law refers to laws that encompass academic institutions. These laws range from kindergarten all the way up to higher education. Education law attorneys may render legal services for academic bodies such as the board of education as well as representing students accused of plagiarism and other school related offenses. In Michigan, examples of certain education laws can be found on the Michigan Legislature and department of Education website.

Who Needs An Education Lawyer?

An education lawyer is needed either when someone needs to interpret laws related to school and education or when someone is charged with a school related offense such as academic misconduct, plagiarism, or certain criminal offenses. This may include but is not limited to the following individuals or organizations;

  • Students accused of plagiarism
  • Students charged with criminal offenses
  • School boards
  • School districts
  • School administrators
  • Teachers
  • Superintendents

Student Misconduct & Disciplinary Hearings

Education law attorney Michael B. Kelly has extensive experience representing students against claims of sexual misconduct, plagiarism, or other criminal and school related offenses. When a student is accused of these offenses, they’re often required to appear at a student disciplinary hearing. In these cases, it’s important to retain legal counsel in order to ensure the student’s rights are protected.

In certain cases, where there’s been a due process violation of the student’s rights, an education lawyer may be able to sue the school district for damages to the student’s reputation or academic future.

Whether you’re a staff member accused of misconduct, or a student charged with misconduct, plagiarism, expulsion, or another similar offense, it’s vital to retain legal counsel in order to represent your best interests and protect your future.