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Eligibility is half the battle; you still need to cross the finish line.

Expungement is the process of clearing your public criminal record. This is also known as “setting aside a conviction.” In the State of Michigan, there are separate processes involved in setting aside a conviction for adults and juveniles. The criminal attorneys at Kelly & Kelly P.C have handled many cases resulting in expungements for both adult and juvenile offenders. Although this isn’t possible in every circumstance, it’s important to work with an experienced attorney with a track record of success who can explore your options.

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Setting Aside Convictions For Adults

The process of setting aside convictions for adults has several steps. First, you need to file an application to the court where you received the conviction. This includes being fingerprinted, sending specific documents with your application, along with a fee to the State of Michigan. You will also need to notify specific parties such as the Prosecutor that handled your case, the State Police, etc.

Once applying, you will have to attend a hearing and convince the judge why your conviction should be set aside.

The Michigan Legislature lists more specific details behind this process. The attorneys at Kelly & Kelly P.C understand each step of this process and can help convince the judge of your case.

Setting Aside Convictions For Juveniles / Minors

Being convicted of a crime as a minor, is known as a juvenile adjudication. Setting aside an adjudication clears your juvenile public record (this may also be known as expungement.) If your adjudication is set aside, you will not have to disclose it to potential employers.

The criminal defense of Juveniles is a very specialized area of law that requires specific knowledge and expertise. Our lawyers have helped many adult and juvenile offenders with setting aside convictions in Michigan.

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