Probation Violation In Michigan? Here’s What To Do

If a judge has put you on probation, your life now revolves around a series of rules and regulations. You may have to submit to regular drug tests, check-in with a probation officer, and hold down a job.

But life happens, and sometimes you may find yourself in violation of your probation.

Probation violation cases can be scary since for many people, this is considered your “second chance” at fixing a mistake. What happens when that chance goes wrong? Read on to learn what happens if you violate probation in Michigan and what you can do about it.

Direct vs. Indirect Probation Violation

Michigan court document with the title Request and Summons for Probation ViolationIn Michigan, there are two types of parole violations: direct and indirect. An indirect violation is when you do or don’t do something outside of the terms of your probation. If you have a drug test come back positive or if you miss a meeting with your probation officer, that’s an indirect violation.

A direct violation occurs if you get picked up on another charge and convicted while you’re still on probation. This could be the result of another crime you committed or missing your probation meetings. If you miss your meeting and a bench warrant is issued for your arrest, that arrest and conviction can count as a direct violation.


In general, consequences for violating probation tend to be harsh. The judges often view probation as your second chance and as them being lenient. “Okay, if you promise to behave and do these things, I won’t send you to jail.”

Depending on your situation, the judge may request a warrant for your arrest or require you to come back to court. They might add more conditions to your probation or take away any compliance credit you’ve earned. They could even revoke your probation sentence entirely and sentence you to time in prison or another house of correction.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Having a good lawyer to defend you on your probation violation case can make a huge difference in the consequences. When it comes to this charge, the consequences are up to the judge’s discretion. So if you have a good lawyer, you might be able to talk them into being more lenient.

In some cases, you may have had a false positive come back on your drug test or you may have had a very good reason for missing your probation meeting. If this is the case, a lawyer can argue your case in front of the judge and convince them to go easy on you. Without a good lawyer on your side, you could end up in jail over a false positive.

Get Legal Help

No one wants to go to jail, especially over a mistake or a circumstance out of your control. Be honest with the judge and hire a good lawyer, and you should come out fine.

If you’re facing a probation violation, get the best help in arguing your case. At Kelly and Kelly, we understand where our clients are coming from and we have more than thirty years’ experience defending them. Contact us today to get attorneys on your side who understand that practicing law isn’t just business, it’s personal.