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Student rights lawyers handle a wide variety of legal matters involving schools. More specifically, attorneys who practice in this niche area, render services based on constitutional and civil rights of students inside both public and private institutions.

Kelly & Kelly P.C. has extensive experience representing students facing school-related issues. This includes elementary, high school, and higher education institutions. We interpret and apply education laws with a focus on upholding students’ constitutional and civil rights. Our experience extends to representing students in various legal matters, ensuring their rights and interests are effectively protected in the academic environment.

What Issues Does a Student Rights Lawyer Handle?

A student rights attorney may handle a wide variety of legal matters for students in both private and public schools including colleges and universities. At Kelly & Kelly P.C. we provide advocacy for students facing issues such as,

Student Misconduct & Disciplinary Hearings

Education law attorney Michael B. Kelly has extensive experience representing students against claims of sexual misconduct, plagiarism, or other criminal and school related offenses. When a student is accused of these offenses, they’re often required to appear at a student disciplinary hearing. In these cases, it’s important to retain legal counsel in order to ensure the student’s rights are protected.

In certain cases, where there’s been a due process violation of the student’s rights, an education lawyer may be able to sue the school district for damages to the student’s reputation or academic future.

Whether you’re a staff member accused of misconduct, or a student charged with misconduct, plagiarism, expulsion, or another similar offense, it’s vital to retain legal counsel in order to represent your best interests and protect your future.

Rights of a Student

It is extremely important for students to understand that both the school administration and the police can take action against a student for “offenses” that may or may not have been committed on school property. Anything you say (to school admin or the police) CAN and WILL be used against you!

Always remain respectful when dealing with school officials and police officers, and if you’re not sure what to do, ask to call your parents, and have them contact myself or another experienced student rights lawyer who’s licensed in your state.

Remember, that just because teachers, principals, and other school officials are seen as “authority” figures, you still have civil and constitutional rights even in private institutions.

According to the ACLU’s page on Student Rights,

“Constitutional violations are far too common in public schools across the country. Teachers and administrators have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for the students that is conducive to learning. They also have a responsibility to respect each student’s individual rights. These two missions are not incompatible. Simply put, students have rights too.”

Talk to a Student Rights Attorney

At Kelly & Kelly P.C. One of our primary focuses involves navigating the complex legal landscape that students face in educational environments. Our team is equipped to handle a broad range of school-related legal issues, from disciplinary hearings to accusations of misconduct.

We are dedicated to advocating for your rights and providing comprehensive legal support. If you’re confronting a student rights issue, we encourage you to reach out to us for a consultation. Let our experienced legal team assist in safeguarding your educational and legal interests.If you or someone you know needs assistance with school related legal issues, contact our office and talk to an experienced student rights lawyer today.

This article was legally reviewed by Michael B. Kelly. Michael has been a practicing criminal defense and education lawyer for many years. Throughout this time, he’s represented client’s through various complex issues involving educational institutions. This includes student disciplinary hearings, juvenile charges, plagiarism, expulsions, suspensions, and more. He regularly appears on local media outlets to provide his legal perspective on key issues. Michael is also a member of the Criminal Law Advisory Board, and has been named top 10 Under 40 for Criminal Defense in Michigan by The National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys.