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For the law firm of Kelly & Kelly P.C, practicing law isn’t just business, it’s personal. Many of our clients are neighbors, friends, and people we run into in downtown Northville. Even when we don’t know our clients personally, with over 35 years of experience, we usually understand where they’re coming from.

Our firm focuses on areas of law that touch most individuals and their families. It’s a calling to help those who are having conflicts. Most of our clients are great people that are going through the most challenging times of their life, it’s important to us to take good care of them.


Kelly & Kelly P.C. was started in 1987 by founding partners John and Michele Kelly. The two founding partners met in law school, got married, starting having children, then moved to Northville. Shortly after they moved to Northville, they established their legal practice and have been there ever since. While the physical location of the law firm has changed a few times, our commitment to the community has not.

Since starting the practice, the legal staff has expanded to six attorneys that cover many different types of law. Ryan Kelly joined the firm in 2008, followed by her brother Mike Kelly a few years later. After this, the law firm added two more attorneys.

Community Involvement

We’re deeply passionate about serving our community and invested in all things Northville. This includes many activities and service organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Main Street League, Tour DeVille and the local schools.

Kelly & Kelly is planning to stay in our location, and keep our roots and our dedication to our clients in the community. We are already on our second generation of lawyers, and we are certainly hoping for a third and fourth!

We are proud of the reputation of commitment that our law firm has built in the community over the years.

Common Questions About Our Law Firm

Q. What areas of law does Kelly & Kelly P.C. practice in?
Kelly & Kelly P.C. has over 30 years of legal experience. Through this expensive experience our attorneys are able to specialize in several practice areas. This includes legal issues primarily related to family law, criminal defense, drunk driving, and school offenses. Legal services offered by our attorneys include but are not limited to the following,

Q. Who founded Kelly & Kelly P.C?
Kelly & Kelly P.C. was founded by John Kelly and Michele Kelly in 1987. These two founding partners met in law school and established their legal practice after moving to the small suburban city of Northville, Michigan.

Q. Where is Kelly & Kelly P.C. located?
The main office of Kelly & Kelly P.C is located in the City of Northville, Michigan. Specifically, the office is located in downtown Northville at the south side of Main St, just east of Griswold St. The address of this location is, 422 East Main Street, Northville, MI 48167

Q. How many employees work at Kelly & Kelly P.C?
With a staff of six attorneys, a full-time paralegal, and four administrative legal assistants to ensure we have the best service possible to our clients.

Q. What makes Kelly & Kelly P.C. different from other law firms?
Trust, experience and exemplary results are the foundation of our practice. Our extensive track record of success combined with uniquely personalized service and level of understanding and care that our attorneys provide makes us one of the most sought after law firms in Michigan. With over 30 years of experience, we have a variety of specialties in the family law and criminal defense areas of law.

Q. Why should you hire an attorney at Kelly & Kelly P.C?
Hiring the right attorney to handle family law or criminal defense matters is one of the most important steps in your legal proceedings. Our office has the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure your rights are legally protected. Our attorneys work one on one with you to create a personalized and custom legal strategy to ensure the best possible legal outcome for your case.

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The Kelly family of Kelly & Kelly Law, group portrait in a bright office setting. From left to right: John Kelly, Michele Kelly, Mike Kelly, and Ryan Kelly, all dressed in professional attire

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