Tax Law Attorneys in Michigan

Navigating through Michigan’s complicated tax laws can be daunting, especially for individuals when attempting to handle tax issues on their own. Misinterpretation of tax laws or tax mistakes can have a huge effect on tax liabilities, with fines and penalties racking up as the issue continues to remain unsettled. Sometimes these issues are unknown to the individual and they only find out about it after they have accrued such exorbitant fines that they are no longer able to handle their tax issues on their own. These situations require the assistance of a tax attorney to sort things out.

The Kelly & Kelly, P.C. legal team has advanced training in finance and is available to help navigate the complex web of income taxes, expenses, deductions and penalties. We can instruct individuals and businesses in all areas of tax law and can represent your best interests to the Internal Revenue Service or State Tax Tribunal.

It is unwise for individuals and businesses to attempt to handle these issues on their own, as they run the risk of making an already unpleasant situation worse. If you are in need of assistance with a tax problem or need professional legal advice regarding the handling of your businesses taxes, please contact our office today to speak with one of our expert tax attorneys.

We handle the following matters:

Audits and Examinations – Sometimes the IRS or the Michigan Department of Treasury will conduct an audit of your tax returns, even from many years prior. This often comes as a surprise, and the state is usually unforgiving of mistakes or personal circumstances. Having an attorney to represent your interests in tax audits and examinations is critical to ensure the best outcome in these matters.

Compliance Issues – For large tax burdens, such as businesses and those with significant wealth, hiring an tax law attorney to provide guidance as to how to best comply with tax laws is strongly advised. This can prevent tax problems from occurring in the first place, saving time and avoiding associated fines. If there are existing compliance issues, an attorney can help to ensure these are avoided in the future.

Offers in Compromise (OIC) – For those who have outstanding debts with the IRS or Michigan Dept of Treasury that are in dispute or if they are unable to pay, there is the possibility that an Offer in Compromise (OIC) can be submitted. This is an offer made to the tax authorities to settle a tax debt for a lesser amount than what is assessed, with the assurance that it will be paid. Working with an attorney to formulate an OIC is highly recommended to ensure the best probability of success.

Business, Corporate and Partnership Tax Issues – These tax issues can often be quite complex, involving multiple tax agencies as well as multiple individuals and/or business entities bearing responsibility for the tax burden. Because these issues are often a spider web of violations and liabilities, working with a tax attorney it’s practically a necessity in order to sort things out.

Collection Practices and Techniques of the IRS – Sometimes the IRS can be quite aggressive in their collection practices, resulting in harassing calls and threats of additional fines or imprisonment. Working with an attorney who has experience working with the IRS is important in order to stop IRS harassment and ensure a positive resolution to the situation.

Appeals – Sometimes tax assessments or decisions made by tax authorities are unfair or out of line. When this occurs, the odds are stacked against the individual due to the vast resources of the IRS and Michigan Dept of Treasury. Tax attorneys work for you to level the playing field and ensure you are treated fairly during the appeals process.

Tax Litigation – Litigation involving taxes is one of the most complex aspects of tax law. These cases can involve local, county, state and federal tax controversies, with attorneys working on behalf of both the individual as well as the government to have the tax issue resolved. These situations require a skilled tax litigation attorney to ensure that the individual’s interests and case are represented in the best light possible.

Where We Serve Clients

The offices of Kelly & Kelly, P.C. is located in Northville, Michigan and represent clients all throughout the Metro-Detroit Area, including Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties as well as other locations throughout the State of Michigan. Thanks to our extensive experience in working with a wide range of courts throughout the state, we have close relationships with judges as well as key decision makers throughout the various tax agencies. This helps to ensure we can give our clients the winning advantage when handling their legal issues surrounding taxes.