High Conflict Michigan Divorce Cases

A high conflict divorce requires an extreme level of personal attention and care unlike any other proceeding in Michigan courts. The attributes that make a high conflict divorce vary from family to family, but frequently include narcissistic personalities, substance abuse, domestic violence, extreme fault, fraud, criminal activity, special needs children, dissipation and concealment of assets and infidelity. These cases require a hands on approach and a high level of personal attention that many other lawyers shy away from. Our firm has the ability and resources to represent you through this battle, including access to private investigators, forensic accountants, financial experts, psychologists, appraisers and bodyguards.

The number one priority in all divorces, and especially those that are high conflict, is the safety of the client and their children. Our firm will always ensure there is a plan in place to keep our client and their family safe during this difficult and sometimes dangerous time in your life.

Our family law team dedicates itself to a high level of personal attention, exemplary legal advice, and stellar advocacy. Utilizing a team approach, especially for high conflict cases, ensures that there is always a game plan in place for how to resolve your divorce in the way most favorable to yourself and your family. Our firm can only ethically represent one party is a divorce, so call our firm now before your spouse does.

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