High Conflict Divorce

Most people enter a marriage with high expectations. Couples expect the union to last for the rest of their lives. Sadly, just over half of marriages today end in divorce. Many factors contribute to this sobering statistic. The legal process of dissolving a marriage is an emotional experience. When people have been so close to one another and now want to terminate the marriage, there may be natural human psychological responses of anger, sadness, grief and depression. However, normal reactions do not make the typical divorce a high conflict divorce.

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What Divorces Are Considered High Conflict?

For a divorce to fall into the category of “high conflict” involved parties carry these emotions to the extreme. Basically, high conflict divorces may include factors that endanger a spouse or their children.

One example of a high conflict divorce involves a contested divorce where one party does not agree to dissolve the marriage. There are many examples of this type of divorce; but, one of the most common involves infidelity. Simply put, one party has met someone new and wants out of the marriage to be with a new partner.

A second dangerous example of a high conflict divorce revolves around drug or alcohol abuse. These situations may be very dangerous to the sober spouse and any children. For example, should an alcoholic person be allowed to drive children during visitation? Are the children safe when visiting a drug addicted parent? Any time a couple is divorcing based on these concerns the children’s safety must be considered.

Similarly, physical abuse in any relationship is a reason for divorce. These situations require police notification, Personal Protection Orders (PPOs) and proper documentation. Obviously, abusive relationships are extremely dangerous and are considered high conflict.

Mental illness may sometimes be considered a high conflict divorce situation. Sometimes, couples are married for years before one party realizes the extent of their partner’s illness. If the mentally ill person refuses medication and counseling, divorce may be the only solution. This particular area is quite complex and requires guidance from experienced attorneys and medical professionals.

One of the most difficult high conflict divorce issues involves custody disputes. Sadly, children may be used in a divorce as part of a negotiating tool. This is unfortunate because it hurts the children. Another issue regards the safety of children during divorce proceedings and after the final ruling. This is a high conflict concern when a parent’s mental health issues or drug and alcohol problems may hurt innocent children.

What You Should Do

A high conflict divorce requires an extreme level of personal attention and care unlike any other proceeding in Michigan courts. The attributes that make a high conflict divorce vary from family to family, but frequently include narcissistic personalities, substance abuse, domestic violence, extreme fault, fraud, criminal activity, special needs children, dissipation and concealment of assets and infidelity.

These cases require a hands on approach and a high level of personal attention that many other lawyers shy away from. Our divorce lawyers have the ability and resources to represent you through this battle, including access to private investigators, forensic accountants, financial experts, psychologists, appraisers and bodyguards.

The number one priority in all divorces, and especially those that are high conflict, is the safety of the client and their children. Our firm will always ensure there is a plan in place to keep our client and their family safe during this difficult and sometimes dangerous time in your life.

As an experienced family based law firm, we understand how emotionally impactful these cases can be. Our team dedicates itself to a high level of personal attention, exemplary legal advice, and stellar advocacy to resolve your divorce in the way most favorable to yourself and your family.

If you or someone you know is involved in a high conflict divorce, call our experienced legal team today.

Our Team of High Conflict Divorce Lawyers

We possess the knowledge, experience, resources and dedication to pursue and achieve desired outcomes for our clients. Read more about our talented team of high conflict divorce lawyers below.

Michele Kelly
Michele Kelly
Michele has over 28 year’s experience in family court. She’s been featured in Time Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, Washtenaw Legal News and the National Law Journal regarding divorce and paternity fraud.

With practically 30 years of legal experience in both family and criminal court, Michele has witnessed practically every angle of the Michigan legal system. This experience is a great value for the clients of Kelly & Kelly P.C.

Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly
Ryan is an accomplished family law and divorce attorney that has received several awards and accolades in her area of practice. In 2015, Ryan was named as the Michigan Top Lawyer in Family Law.

She was also named as a Top 10 Under 40 family lawyer by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys. Ryan’s knowledge, passion, and dedication makes her a strong advocate for her clients.

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