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Domestic Assault Part VII: What Happens After a Judge Makes a Referral?2019-08-06T13:47:22-04:00
Domestic Assault Part VI: What Happens if You Go in Front of a Judge?2019-08-06T13:47:11-04:00
Domestic Assault Part V: What Happens After Meeting With A Prosecutor?2019-08-06T13:47:02-04:00
Domestic Asault Part IV: What Happens if Arraigned?2019-08-06T13:46:52-04:00
Domestic Assault Part III: If Arrested, What Next?2019-08-06T13:46:39-04:00
Domestic Assault Part II: How Are Domestic Assault Cases Created?2019-08-06T13:46:30-04:00
Domestic Assault Part I: What is a Domestic Assault?2019-08-06T13:46:21-04:00
Michigan DUI Lawyer Part V – How Will a DUI Affect My Life?2019-08-06T13:45:46-04:00
Michigan DUI Lawyer Part IV – Refusing Field Sobriety Tests2019-08-06T13:45:36-04:00
Michigan DUI Lawyer Part III – What Are My Rights?2019-08-06T13:45:27-04:00