There is often a great deal of confusion and questions surrounding DUI charges. For example, many wonder what rights a person has after an officer pulls them over under suspicion of drunk driving. This includes whether or not someone is allowed to refuse a field sobriety test.

People also wonder how having a DUI on their criminal record will affect their life and whether or not this charge can be expunged.

Criminal defense attorney Mike Kelly recently filmed a five part video series breaking down the topic of DUI’s in Michigan. This includes topics such as refusing field sobriety tests, and what someone should expect after being charged with drunk driving in Michigan.

Below is the first part of this series which provides insight on what cops look for when searching for drunk drivers.

Video Transcript

Natalie: Hi, I’m Natalie Lussier, an intern at Kelly & Kelly P.C. I’ll be interviewing Mike with some questions I have about DUI’s

Mike Kelly: This is an important distinction. I don’t think officers are necessarily looking for drunk drivers. I think what officers are doing are looking for reasons to stop somebody who may be a drunk driver based on timing, or the location, or the practices of any individual police department.

Officers can stop you for any motor vehicle violation whether it be you didn’t use a turn signal, or you were swerving in your lane, or you were speeding. All these things in and of themselves are not an indication of drunk driving; but, what they allow the officer to do is stop the motor vehicle to move forward to the personal contact phase where they’re at the side of your car, you’re rolling down your window and now they get an opportunity to observe your mannerisms, your speech, and the presentation of your face.

So, the thing that they’re looking for are normal things; they just maybe happen at all the wrong times.

DUI Q&A Video Series

The rest of attorney Mike Kelly’s DUI Q&A Video Series is available on our YouTube page below.