What To Know About The 35th District Court

The 35th District Court handles legal matters such as felony offenses, misdemeanors, civil infractions, civil lawsuits up to $25,000, and drunk driving offenses. This court system is divided into several divisions. The criminal division is responsible for processing cases involving criminal charges.

Document from the Wayne County 35th District Court used for expunging a criminal record

This Plymouth based court is one of the more strict court systems within Michigan. The court has a reputation for strictly adhering to their policies and will hand out strict punishments for certain offenses such as DUI’s. As a result, it’s vital to consult with an experienced Wayne County criminal defense attorney who understands this local court system.

Court Process Overview

As previously mentioned, criminal charges are handled through the criminal division of the 35th District Court. This includes criminal offenses such as: drug charges, DUI’s domestic violence and assault, traffic violations, and more. You can learn more about the court’s individual processes within the links below.

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35th District Court Location

The 35th District Court is located in Wayne County, Michigan, specifically, in the City of Plymouth. Wayne County is the largest and most populous county in Michigan.

You can obtain the address and specific directions below.

35th District Court
660 Plymouth Rd,
Plymouth, MI 48170
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Court Jurisdiction

The court has jurisdiction over five communities. This includes the following cities

The City of Canton
The City of Plymouth
Plymouth Township
The City of Northville
Northville Township

If you were arrested and are being charged in one of these areas, the 35th District Court will likely hear your case.

Our Experience With This Court

As a Northville law firm with over 30 years of experience representing clients charged with criminal offenses at various local court systems, we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience within this court system. Here are a few details and tips based on our experience.

Judges – As of 2019, there are three judges operating within the 35th District Court. This includes Chief Judge Michael J. Gerou, Chief Judge Pro Tem Ronald Lowe, and District Judge James A. Plakas. You can read more about these specific judges within their judicial page.

Searches – This court is very strict about bringing cell phones and other unauthorized items past security. Do not attempt to do so or your item may be confiscated and other possible penalties may be enforced depending on the circumstances.

Dress Attire – This court enforces a strict dress code. It’s important to dress appropriately for otherwise your probation officer or judge will not see you. This could have a negative outcome on your case or probation. Dressing appropriately means wearing formal attire such as a suit and tie or a dress of appropriate length.

Sentencing – This court usually tries to carry out sentencing on the same day of the trial so you’re likely to learn the results shortly after your hearing.

Fines and Fees – All court fees and fines are due on your scheduled hearing. Do not forget to pay the required amount or you may be subject to additional penalties.