Information On Police & Arrests in Northville, MI

The Northville Police Department serves the public and enforces laws within the small community of Northville, Michigan. There are two separate police departments within this area. One is based downtown Northville and serves the city, while the other is located within Northville Township and serves the larger surrounding area.

This page provides information on police and arrests in Northville, MI. Please note, this page is for informational purposes only. If you have an emergency that requires contacting police, leave the page and dial 911.

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City of Northville Police Department

The City of Northville is a small suburb of Metropolitan Detroit. The city is only 2.07 square miles and is divided by Wayne County and Oakland County.

The police department for the City of Northville is also referred to as the Northville Public Safety Department. This facility is located in the downtown area at the lower level of Northville City Hall, at 215 W. Main St. You can get the address and driving directions below.

Northville Police Department
215 W Main St,
Northville, MI 48167
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Northville Township Police Department

Northville Township is the Charter Township of Northville. It encompasises the larger surrounding 16.6 square mile area surrounding the City of Northville.

The police department for Northville Township is located at 6 Mile and Haggerty Rd. You can get the address and driving directions below.

Northville Township Police Department
41600 Six Mile Rd,
Northville, MI 48168
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We’ve prepared several useful resources regarding police and arrests in Northville and Northville township. These resources can be found within the links below. Many of these resources are publicly available on the police department’s official websites.

City of Northville
Northville Area Information
Northville Police Department Website
Police Forms
Police Records
City Policies
Northville Code of Ordinances

Northville Township
Northville Township Police Department Website
Police Forms
Information on Police

Freedom of Information Request
Code Enforcement
Northville Township Ordinances

Arrests in Northville, MI

Northville and Northville Township tend to be very strict when it comes to law enforcement. This is particularly true when it comes to OWI arrests. The City prides itself on having an ultra low crime rate.

Since the city has a low crime rate and strict view on criminal activity, police, judges, and prosecutors have ample time to fully enforce the law to its highest standard and build a strong case against alleged offenders.

If you’ve been arrested in the City of Northville or Northville Township, your case will be handled by the 35th District Court. The 35th District Court is located in Plymouth, MI and handles serious and specified misdemeanors, initial jurisdiction for arraignment of felony charges, preliminary exams, juvenile justice, and other civil matters.

If you have issues with police or arrests in Northville, MI, it’s vital to speak with a criminal lawyer who understands this local community and its court system.

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