Sorry for being caught is the feeling here. That’s why you need to sub-in your own team to get the right game plan in place.

First, you’ve got to assess the fullest picture of the harm your decision to steal has created.

Second is accepting there is a consequence to your poor decision.

Third is realizing that innocent people also suffer a consequence because of your poor decision.


There is definitely a hefty monetary gesture that can pacify the pockets of the police, prosecution, and court, but money can’t heal all wounds.

In reality, it’s usually the store employee that gets the worst of it.

Whether you see it or not, there are lives affected by your decision to steal.

I had a shoplifting case in Troy today from an alleged theft at Somerset Mall. After making my rounds, I stopped at Somerset like I usually would over lunch.

Most days it’s “The Boss” smoothie from Beyond Juicery and mall walks.

Today, I actually decided to ask the store employees at each retailer I visited, how they felt about retail theft in their stores.

THIER RESPONSE: They said the biggest stressor was having to explain why they couldn’t explain a deficit or missed item on their shift, and the extra pressure of having to be both “security guard” and salesperson. For some it cost jobs even though they didn’t take anything.

HOW you make this RIGHT matters.

Start with our Team, and lead with the right plan to show remorse, reflection, and effort to make amends; it’s all you can do without changing the past. Make amends by making change.

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