With everyone staying home, for some people that could be a recipe for future court battles.

In Michigan, the governor’s stay-home order has created a lot more opportunities for our homes to become arenas of conflict.

Domestic Violence & Criminal Law

From domestic grievances that finally boil over, to time for reflection on the future of some relationships, staying home has given a lot of folks time and good reason to be calling their lawyer on their way out.

Domestic violence arrests need to be handled with fairness and context without resulting in permanent criminal convictions.

Divorces & Family Law

Family separations, custody, and parenting time matters are all worth pursuing, as this lock-down time is like any other in our history. The courts have not considered a case like yours before. Don’t take lightly the opportunity to make things better for you and your family.

The family law attorneys at our law firm are dedicated to assisting clients with legal issues related to divorces, child custody, and other family related conflicts.

Estate Planning

TRUST me, you need one: having a formal estate plan, will, patient advocate designation, or representative of your estate is the obvious conclusion for many people plotting for a better future after lock-down.

Those people are very smart—and you should be thinking the same. What’s a stake if you got sick or were unable to make decisions for yourself, or worse? Don’t risk it, get your affairs in order now.

Virtual Consultations

At Kelly & Kelly, P.C., we are here for you now and will be there for you at court! Our law firm specializes in family law, estate planning, and criminal defense. Using modern technology, we offer virtual consultations to our clients and are here to assist you with any legal issues you have during this quarantine.