Blog by Michele Kelly
Senior Partner at Kelly & Kelly Law Firm

Let’s face it at times in this civilized society things become uncivilized. It is especially disturbing when the lack of civility happens in your home and the opponents in an argument are actually related.

Domestic disputes can quickly escalate but calling the police to intervene should not be the first call. If you find yourself in a heated argument with your teenager or relative living in the home  try the following first.

  1. Call for a time out and get in a different room from the other person.
  2. Walk away, go outside.
  3. Call a relative, friend or trusted neighbor to assist.

Often times after 10 minutes most situations have cooled down and there is no need for intervention. The best decision is to get counseling to avoid these situations in the future.

In cases where there is actual domestic violence, assaultive or serious threats made the safest thing to do is leave, get yourself to a position of safety. You are not going to change Cousin Alex’s mind when he is throwing the toaster at you.

Once you are in a place where no harm can come to you then decide if the person may cause harm to themselves or others. Then you may consider calling the police.

If the police are called you need to know that someone is going to be arrested. In a situation where you physically restrain the other person , grab their wrists or push them away you may be the person going to jail that day.

If you are arrested  for assault or domestic violence, you will need to contact an experience criminal defense attorney to help you during this difficult situation.

If Aunt Suzy  changes her mind later and does not wish to pursue criminal charges against her sister the criminal justice system does not care the case will be pursued and family members are subpoenaed to testify .

In over  30 years of legal experience I have heard many times ” I wish I never called the cops”.

(Michele Kelly, Senior Partner, Kelly and Kelly Criminal law team.)