For many individuals, airline travel is one of the more stressful situations they will regularly encounter in their lives, especially in today’s complex and security conscious world. Packing, driving to the airport, finding parking and rushing to the gate to catch the flight are all stressful for the air travelers. Combine all of this with the world’s post 9/11 security screenings, protocols and possible TSA delays, it is no wonder that tensions are high and passengers are on edge. The last thing anyone wants or expects is to be arrested at the airport, but unfortunately this does happen even to people who do not have malicious intent.

People walking within a security checkpoint at an airportUnsurprisingly, there are many possible reasons why a person could be arrested at an airport. However, there are several primary reasons a person gets arrested that are entirely preventable. The first of these include bringing a weapon or drugs in a carry on bag, which accidentally or intentionally occurs on a regular basis. This could be as simple as forgetting that a keychain knife is still on a car keyring, or for a concealed weapon license holder forgetting they have a firearm on their person.

In certain states where recreational marijuana is permitted, it is common for travelers to forget that they have a joint on their person or in their luggage. In order to prevent being arrested for this, it is vital to check and double check bags, clothing and even your vehicle to ensure there are no drugs present. While this might seem silly, drugs such as marijuana are still illegal at the federal level and many states still prohibit their possession and use.

Another common reason for being arrested at the airport is getting into an altercation with another traveler. This is becoming more common as today’s political and social climate has become so tense and polarized. The best way to avoid this is to keep opinions to yourself and do not engage in unnecessary conversations with other passengers or airport employees. While you may overhear conversations you disagree with or you might think that certain security personnel are not doing their jobs correctly, the best thing to do is to keep to yourself. Getting into an altercation at an airport over an ultimately trivial issue is not worth an assault or battery charge.

In addition to weapons and verbal or physical altercations, being intoxicated on an airplane is one of the top reasons for being arrested at an airport. This can happen unintentionally, as you may drink more than intended or happen to be on medication that amplifies the effects of alcohol. As a general rule of thumb, never have more than two drinks before departure or when you are on the plane. Flight attendants are busy ensuring other passengers safety and general flight safety and have no patience for drunk and disorderly passengers. Excessively intoxicated passengers should expect to find themselves arrested and forcibly removed from an aircraft.

If you unfortunately find yourself being arrested and charged for possession of a weapon or drugs, assault, battery or disorderly conduct you will need a local criminal attorney in Michigan. You will retain an attorney who can seek a waiver of your appearance so you don’t have to come back to Michigan if possible. Oftentimes your attorney and the airport prosecutor in 34th District Court can work out a plea and payment of fines and costs.