Blog by Michele Kelly
Senior Partner at Kelly and Kelly

There are three things that I want clients , friends, and even strangers to know this Christmas season to make their life much less stressful.

  1. Don’t have that “drink for the road” when you are driving. Limit your drinking, usually you can consume 2 drinks, beers or glasses of wine if they are reasonable not 20 ounces each. Be sure and eat food when you are drinking. The police are out in full force this time of year and are well aware of signs to indicate drunk driving. A drunk driving situation is expensive, humiliating, and time consuming to resolve .
  2. Avoid the mistletoe at the company party. Do not touch, kiss or fondle any of your co-workers You also need to avoid #1 above. The holiday party is not the time to dance inappropriately, announce what you really think about your boss, or make out with a secretary in the parking lot. Your misconduct could land you in more trouble than losing your job, you could be charged with sexual assault or sued civilly for sexual harassment.
  3. Keep your hands to yourself when you are angry. Domestic violence is a serious situation in this country. When a person is angry they may take out their frustration on a loved one before they punch a stranger. If you are so unhappy with a spouse that you wish them harm then think about a more civilized approach and get a divorce . When the police are called to a family dispute one of you will go to jail. Domestic violent wrecks the family, damages your children and you will need an attorney.

I hope the above advice helps keep you out of hot water this winter, but if you or a friend find yourself in one of the about situations, call for a legal consultation. CALL Kelly at 248-348-0496