As the father of 3 sons, I hope that my boys can always follow the rules of school. The problem is, they don’t always follow the rules AT HOME. So, I’m realistic that their time in school won’t be without its share of fireworks.

Sure, they may be young right now (ages 5, 4, and 2), but I’m already scanning the surrounding school districts to see which one is the best fit for each of their personalities.

As a School Crime and Juvenile Defense Attorney handling many cases that begin at  school, I’m aware what happens at school can have major consequences.

So what do you do, if your son or daughter is having problems at school that could, or already are, boiling over to problems with the police and courts?


First, talk to your kid BEFORE they talk to anyone else. The initial inquiry from school officials, in response to allegations of student misconduct will include an informal “opportunity to explain” that you, as a parent, may not be present for. For some this could be no problem, as the alleged violation of school rules is minimal and the consequence is appropriate. For others, with students facing allegations that ALSO have police involved, you can’t gamble on your son or daughter’s future. Insist to be present!

Second, if the alleged violation(s) of the student code of conduct prompt the involvement of a School Liaison (police) Officer or any other law enforcement officer, then you need help. Don’t assume honesty is the best policy, until you’ve consulted with a lawyer familiar with the school and court issues your student could be facing. If the offense could also be a crime, talking to any school administrator could also further expose your child to police and court involvement. Schools and Police have a legal duty to share information about “crimes” occurring at school/near school/or involving a threat to a student, teacher, or the school itself. Anything your child says at school, can and will be used against them by law.

Quick Tip: Drugs, fighting, property damage, stealing, sex, and anything posted on social media, CALL A LAWYER.

Third, remain proactive in aiding your son or daughter, and provide support. Your lawyer will now provide the roadmap for protecting your child and navigating the hurdles ahead. Trust is essential.  At Kelly & Kelly, P.C., we provide a high level of service to a select number of clients. Defending your child from a permanent academic blemish and/or possible juvenile or criminal charges should never be taken lightly, and our firm has a track record of success in helping many families and students thru this difficult time.

Pro-Tip #1: Talk with your kids about what to do BEFORE facing a situation where they are being questioned by school officials or police officers without your knowledge.

Pro-Tip #2: (when possible) Your kid doesn’t talk without a parent present.

Pro-Tip #3: If you’re not sure how serious the situation is or could become, call a lawyer on behalf of your son or daughter and get the proper counsel ASAP!

The world is a different place now for our children; it’s time, we, as parents adapt and prepare for the unknown. If you have questions about what your son or daughter’s school problems may mean for their future, Call Kelly!

Michael B. Kelly
School Crime Attorney
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