Natalie Lussier’s Last Day at Kelly & Kelly

It’s my last day at the firm! I’ve written about my first day, my time in court, and now, what I’ve learned overall. Now that I’ve reached the end I have five takeaways I did not know before this internship.

  1.  Confidence is key.
    a.     Knowledge is power, but knowledge is also confidence in the practice of law. The attorneys at the firm I am working at all speak with intimidating confidence and it is largely in part because they know what they are saying is true.
  2.  The legal community is small.
    a.     At court, the lawyers at my firm seemed to know many of the lawyers we passed. It makes sense; you went to school with some, you’ve mingled at law events with others, or you’ve been on opposite sides of a case. In the legal community, you get to know faces fast.
  3.  No day is the same.
    a.     I come into the office never knowing who will be there. Erin and Ryan just wrapped up a three day trial, Mike was out doing a hearing all morning, and John was preparing an estate plan in the office. Other days, the lawyers at the firm will have multiple consultations, or a day of just paperwork and no client interaction.
  4.  All. The. Paperwork.
    a.     I knew lawyers had paperwork, but I couldn’t believe all the behind the scenes paperwork that went on. If a lawyer is going to trial for you, know there are many hours of paperwork that went into that trial.
  5.  Lawyers will do unusual tasks to help their clients.
    a.     Lawyers have to help their clients in ways I did not anticipate. The most recent example was an attorney at the firm having to pick up a client’s car from the courthouse because he went to jail and subsequently research and contact in-patient programs for him to attend in order to get early release.