Meeting With Clients Via Video And Phone

In recent months, many individuals and businesses have had to adapt their way of life to meet the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 health crisis. The attorneys at Kelly & Kelly P.C. are no exception and have been utilizing modern technology to adapt to the needs of our clients.

We’ve been offering legal consultations to our clients via Zoom and phone conferencing in addition to answering questions via email.

Here’s an image of the attorneys at Kelly & Kelly meeting over Zoom.

The lawyers at Kelly & Kelly meeting in a video conference

Kelly & Kelly P.C. Remains Open During COVID-19

As stated, our law firm remains open during the health crisis and continues to provide high quality legal representation and strong advocacy for our clients.

We are currently scheduling consultations for legal matters such as:

Feel free to reach out to our law firm via email, chat, or phone.

We hope that everybody remains safe and healthy throughout this crisis and that everything goes back to normal as fast as possible.