The Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise. Individuals and businesses alike are still trying to comprehend the situation and adapt to this ever-developing health crisis. In Michigan, Governor Whitmore enacted Executive Order 2020-21 which mandates that all “non-essential” workplaces close down and that all residents stay in their homes for the next three weeks.

We’d like to take a moment and share with you how our law firm is dealing with the crisis, adapting to the situation, and serving our community. If you’re reading this, we genuinely hope that you and your family are staying safe throughout this global crisis.

How We Are Responding

The lawyers at Kelly & Kelly P.C. are dedicated to serving our community throughout this crisis. Despite obstacles that this situation presents, we continue to work hard in advocating for our clients and are offering help to our community where possible.

Although we cannot immediately meet with clients in person, our phone lines are staying open and we are interacting with clients through the use of modern technology such as Skype, Facetime, etc.

When a legal matter involves multiple participants, we are conducting Zoom conferences. With innovative planning we were well suited to carry on our practice under the new orders from the governor.

Here’s how each of our individual attorneys are adapting to the situation.

Mike Kelly – Criminal defense attorney Mike Kelly continues to advocate for the legal rights of his clients. Despite court closures, certain hearings are still being held for criminal matters. Many legal issues are still prevalent such as domestic violence, theft crimes, juvenile offenses, etc. Certain crimes are occurring because feelings of hostility are exacerbated given the stressful nature of the situation. Mike is dedicated to representing those who are in bad situations and have made mistakes.

Ryan Kelly – Family law attorney Ryan Kelly continues to stay active in her community. This includes participation in podcasts where she answers the onslaught of questions related to Michigan’s new Executive Order 2020-21 and how it applies to family law.

John Kelly – John is an estate planning lawyer and the managing partner at the firm. John is seeing an increase in individuals looking to set up wills, trusts, etc. This increase is due to concerns that COVID-19 presents. For example, people are worried about getting sick and what should happen to them in the event of death or sudden serious illness.

Michele Kelly – Michele is a family law and divorce lawyer at the firm. Michele continues to answer legal questions from clients and individuals wondering how the situation impacts issues such as divorces, parenting time, child custody, etc. She is also keeping up to date with the latest news on COVID-19 to help promote  the health and well being of staff and clients. She also is designing and sewing masks and donating them to those in need within the medical community.