IT’S LEAGUE NIGHT! No matter what your week has been like or what tomorrow holds, tonight, IT’S LEAGUE NIGHT!! 

Here’s the catch:

Score well by taking the right shots and avoiding the bad ones. 

Driving a golf cart and hitting a golf ball for 4 hours isn’t a good plan for working off those clubhouse pours.

If you’ve taken too many ‘shots’ then call a ride, or go to the clubhouse staff and request a cab. Pretty much just give someone your AMEX to get you home safe. Defending credit fraud is a hell of a lot simpler than avoiding a non-expungable, permanent criminal conviction for drunk driving! 

THE LESSON: If you have a “TALL one”, that counts as TWO-and a half; if it’s a craft beer, that’s THREE all day and a HIGH BAC on Sunday’s! 

Golf is a great game, but the consequences of a drunk driving charge are serious.  If you or someone you care about has been arrested for a DUI in Michigan, call our firm, and speak to our criminal defense team.  We understand that you’re probably not a big drinker, but it only takes one league night to get you in hot water.