The question is posed all the time for numerous topics. Google’s top search requests include, do I need a lawyer for probate, for a will, for a divorce, for a speeding ticket, for a DUI, for my real estate purchase, etc. Attorney Andrew Babnik of Kelly & Kelly law answers your do I need a lawyer questions to show you why hiring a professional to assist in your legal needs will save you hundred and even thousands in the long run!  

Residential and commercial leases, why an attorney now saves you money later! 
From Florida to Michigan my client list is filled with both Landlords and Tenants, who attempted to use form leases obtained from a realtor, a state approved form lease, or a fill in the blank lease found online for their property or business lease agreement. This is often done by clients who are hoping to save a few bucks in drafting or editing fees from a professional experienced in the trials and tribulations that arise in the commercial, residential, and vacation rental universe. The costs of drafting or reviewing a lease for any of these situations is inexpensive when compared to the cost associated with the potential for future litigation that often follows 

For example, Michigan requires Truth in Renting, Security Deposit, and Limited Cancellation Notices that if not included in your lease with a Tenant, can jeopardize a Landlord’s ability to enforce the terms of the lease in the event of a Tenant’s future default. Pre-drafted forms fall into two main categories, one-sided in favor of the Landlord, or conversely, one-sided in favor of the Tenant, and the difference is often difficult to spot unless you have extensive experience in the area.  

Non-standard provisions such as how and when utilities should be paid, how and when default occurs, how and when prepaid rent should arise or be paid, or even pet provisions (especially as they relate to service or emotion support animals- a rising problem nationally), should be drafted by a professional with knowledge and experience to predict future complications. A trained legal professional can tailor the terms of any lease to best suit your position and needs. You wouldn’t fix your car’s malfunctioning engine if you don’t understand how everything under the hood works together, so why would you trust the internet or a pre-printed form for a lease agreement when you aren’t sure what troubles may lie ahead for your own personal rental situation? 

A brief consultation and short drafting session can save you time, money, and keep your rental property running smoothly. It will also provide you piece of mind knowing that you will be generating a steady uninterrupted income for the duration of the lease.  

Contact Andrew Babnik Jr of Kelly & Kelly P.C., who has dealt with these issues in multiple states for both landlords and tenants to arrange a phone, Skype, or in person consultation today before you sign you name on the dotted line! 

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