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Receiving a DUI is a frightening experience and life changing event. Many people are unaware of collateral consequences associated with a drunk driving charge. For instance, someone charged with a DUI in certain areas such as Oakland County may face jail time even for a first offense. Having an experienced DUI lawyer on your side is vital for not only staying out of jail, but also protecting your future.

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How A DUI Affects Your Life

The consequences of being arrested for a DUI do not end after a night in jail. There are many other potential legal consequences and hardships associated with having a DUI on your record. Here are some quick facts about DUI’s and how they can impact someone’s life:

– In most cases, they cannot be expunged or set aside
– Drunk driving offenses can stay on a criminal record permanently
– Having a DUI on your record may affect future employment opportunities
– The courts may sentence someone to jail, even for a first-time offense
– DUI’s can add additional points on your driving record and result in driver’s license suspension

At Kelly & Kelly we offer over 30 years of court experience and top notch advocacy for our clients. We understand good people make mistakes and shouldn’t always be punished for the rest of their life. We fight to ensure our clients avoid jail time and minimize the impact a DUI has on their future.

How We Can Help

The criminal law attorneys of Kelly & Kelly P.C. experienced in all courts throughout the state of Michigan. This knowledge is required to defend your rights, affirm your innocence or minimize penalties/disciplinary actions.

Proactive criminal defense – Our law firm puts together personalized plans for each of our clients to help them navigate the system and address the situation which led them to being involved in the criminal justice system. We focus on putting the client in the best light when in front of the judge.

DUI in Oakland County

Being charged with a DUI in Oakland County (52nd District Court), is a particularly serious matter. This is serious because this area is notoriously strict on sentencing for drunk driving offenses. In fact, the county received national attention in 2011 when an Oakland County judge issued a jail sentence on an NBA player for a first-time DUI charge.

This was not an isolated event as the county prides itself for being tough on the enforcement of drunk driving laws. As a result, it’s not unheard of for someone to receive a jail sentence for a first time DUI in Oakland County, particularly, when they lack proper legal defense.

Michigan Drunk Driving Offense Classification

In Michigan, there are several types of DUI offenses. The offense may depend on the age of the driver, the level of intoxication, and the existence of prior drunk driving charges. Regardless of the circumstances, being charged with a DUI is a time sensitive matter; once released from custody, the clock starts ticking on the life-cycle of your case. Even though you may have just experienced the “worst night of your life,” it’s important to contact an experienced DUI lawyer right away. Read more about specific classifications for drunk driving offenses below.

(Person Under 21 drives with any measurable amount of alcohol (.02>))

–    Possible Sentence:    $250.00 Fine and/or 45 days Community Service Work (CSW)

  • No Jail Allowed on 1st Offense
  • $500.00 Fine and/or 60 days CSW, and/or 93 days Jail (2nd Off.)
  • $500.00 Driver’s Responsibility Fees

–    Points:    4 [Compared with 6 for OWI, plus higher fines]

–    License Sanctions:

(a)    1st offense    30 days Restricted

(b)    2nd offense    90 days-1 Year Suspended, Restricted after 90 days

– Maximum of 93 days in County Jail or up to 24 months of probation

– Maximum of $300.00 in Base Court Fines

– 4 Points

– 90-day license suspension with restrictions allowed for entire period

– $500/Year for 2 years in Driver’s Responsibility Fees (Total $1,000.00)

– Maximum of 93 days in County Jail or up to 24 months of probation

– Maximum of $500.00 in Base Court Fines

– 6 Points on Driver’s License

– Mandatory 30-day license suspension, followed by 150-day restriction (driving privilege limited to work/school/treatment/court etc.)

– $1,000/Year for 2 years in Driver’s Responsibility Fees (Total $2,000.00)

-180-day jail maximum Misdemeanor and/or up to 24 months of probation

-Base Fine between $200-$700.00 (Excludes probation fees, court assessments, police recovery fees, victim fees, etc.)

-Mandatory 1-year Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

-Discretionary Immobilization of the vehicle involved in arrest

License Sanction:

-45 day loss of license

-320 days’ restricted license only with Alcohol Interlock Device installed

-6 Points

-$2,000.00 Driver Responsibility Fee ($1,000/per year for 2 years)

Award Winning Michigan DUI Lawyer

Attorney Michael B. Kelly is an award winning criminal law attorney in Michigan. Mike received Client’s Choice award by Avvo in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and counting. Furthermore, Michael was selected by The National Trial Lawyers as a Top 40 Under 40 lawyer for Criminal Defense. In addition to awards by peers, Michael has exceptionally high ratings from clients he’s helped throughout the years.

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The criminal law firm of Kelly & Kelly is based in Northville MI. We represent clients all throughout Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, and other locations throughout Michigan. Our law firm is very familiar with the various court systems across the State. Therefore, If you, or someone you know was arrested or is being charged with a drunk driving offense in Michigan, call our experienced Michigan DUI attorney right away.

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