For all of those soon to be parents out there, the decision to hire a nanny to care for your little one comes with great forethought and planning. It is a huge financial commitment, but you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices for your little bundle of joy. You interview, check references, and research, research, research, until you finally land on the perfect addition to help you raise your newest addition.

But what do you do next? Friends and relatives tell you things like, “pay cash”, “1099 them”, “you don’t need a contract”, or “grab a quick contract off the internet”. You have no idea what to do, plus you were reluctant to even hire a nanny and now you really don’t want to rock the boat and ask for a contract to be signed. Many families are afraid a contract will tarnish the relationship they’re trying to build with their nanny. You find forms online but have no idea what provisions are important or what might be missing that could expose you to lawsuits and liability. Your baby isn’t even here yet and your anxiety level is already through the roof.

Taking the time to have an attorney draft a contract can protect both parties, whether you’re the family hiring household help or the nanny. A properly drafted contract not only helps to clarify duties and responsibilities but also can help to protect you from future liability associated with giving someone outside of your family access and control over certain aspects of your home. The best part, is this is more affordable then you would think.

If you or someone you love is considering hiring a nanny or other help around the house contract Andrew Babnik Jr of Kelly & Kelly P.C., to arrange a consultation and find out how he can assist in your nanny planning needs!